OKE Carbide

In 1996, carbide semi-raw material manufacturer OKE Carbide is established and today it continues its operations with the investment total of 75 million Chinese Yuans. OKE Carbide continues its big volume productions in two different factories, one of them is located in Yangling City, has built on 73,300 m2, and the other one is located in Zhuzhou City, has 40,000 m2 production area. Today, OKE Carbide employs more than 700 people and operates in more than 80 countries worldwide. R&D department investments paid out and now the firm has 54 patents, 8 innovation patents and 20 appearance patents under its name. OKE Carbide, at the moment, one of the top three carbide manufacturers in the Chinese market. 

OKE Carbide and Antesan LTD. has entered the Turkish market with a strong cooperation in 2017.